The thought that military veterans only know about waging war and combat tactics is simply outdated. Veterans have a wide range of training and experience, much of it highly translatable to the business world. From accounting and legal work to transportation logistics and IT, veteran's skills often go unnoticed. NORTH SHORE FIREARMS works to help make changes for veterans and military service members in the civilian workforce.


Incoming transfers; We must be notifed prior to shipping. We do not transfer any firearms that we may have obtained for you.

                                 Fee: $40

                                 Fee: $80, If you insist in buying it elsewhere.

Outgoing transfers; Boxes and packing material is not included. Fee covers paper work and labor.

                                 Fee: $20, Plus actual shipping charges.

Bore sighting and optic mounting; FREE if you purchased the optic, gun and mic. supplies from us.

Bore sighting and optic mounting: $40

Bore sighting, optic all ready mounted: $15, We may not be able to bore sight all firearms.

Pistol sight installation: See Tom

Warranty issues; We will help in returning your item, if you purchased it from us than labor and shipping is no charge.

                            If you purchased your item somewhere else, than a $20 labor fee and shipping costs.