Next Firearms Safety Course 

Saturday, June 30th, 2018, 9:30-1:30pm

 To register for our next class call us at 978-777-5151

The class will take place at our store 251 S Main st Middleton Ma, 01949 



License to Carry Firearms (LTC A): This is a may issue photo and fingerprint card, renewable every six years Class “A” LTC will cover purchase, possession or transportation and carrying of all handguns, rifles and shotguns. Loaded firearms must be under the direct control while in a vehicle.
Firearms Identification Card (FID): Photo and fingerprint card, renewable every six years. This card covers the purchase, possession or transportation of non-large capacity Rifles, Shotguns, and ammunition

Course Topics
• Pistol Parts and Operation
• Ammunition
• Using a Pistol Safely
• Operating a Pistol
• Cleaning, Storing, and Transporting a Pistol
• Shooting Fundamentals
• Various Shooting Positions
• Improving and Maintaining Shooting Skills
• Massachusetts Laws Pertaining to Permit Application, Firearms Storage and Transportation
• *This is a one day Firearms Safety Course
• *Students should bring food and drinks
• *Class size is limited and pre registration is required

Class price $125.00, $50.00 Nonrefundable Dep. required.
Receive $25 dollar store credit on your first firearm purchase.