All incoming transfers must be called in to us prior to shipment.

*Incoming Transfer Fee and Registration of a Firearm: $40.00  *We will not accept any incoming transfers that we can obtain for you at the time of transfer.

*Outgoing Transfer Fee:  $20.00 Plus Shipping.

*Bore Sighting Optics:  FREE if you bought the gun, optic, rings & mounts from us, $20.00 if you only buy the optic, rings and mounts from us, $15.00 if you come in with the gun & optic already mounted. $40.00 to mount and bore sight your own optic, rings & mounts.

*Pistol Sight Installations:  FREE if you bought the gun and sights from us, or for any other combination, there is a $20.00 installation charge. 


*Factory Repairs: Shipping Costs only, if you bought the gun from us, or Shipping Costs Plus $20.00 Packaging, if you bought the gun at another store. *Customer is responsible for any fees from the factory if not covered under warranty.

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